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5 Study Habits for Managing Everyday Life

Aside from all the college apps, the regular commitments that students have at home can begin to take up more of their days as they race through their last year of high school. Even everyday tasks that didn’t seem so difficult at first, like babysitting siblings, might tire students out easily. To build better study habits and time management skills, we recommend these five key tips.

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Managing Your Time During the College App Season

Time management is a life skill, and it takes a long time to build the right habits for working efficiently. During the college app season, time management can feel like a lost cause, but it doesn’t have to be! Consider working on these 7 specific habits throughout the first semester of your senior year to help you manage your time well during the College App season.

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Study Tips: Preparing For College Courses

High school students will go through a lot of significant changes when they go off to college. One of the biggest changes they may face is the difference between the high school classes they are used to and the new, more difficult college courses coming their way. There are ways to be prepared for these changes that can give students more confidence as they enter their new season.

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