Looking for a way to give back on your own schedule? Sign up as a coach today!

UPchieve relies on awesome individuals like you to provide on-demand support to students. We designed our platform with volunteers in mind too: from the simple sign-up process to the flexible scheduling options, we want every part of helping students succeed to be as enjoyable as possible!

Why become an Academic Coach?

1. We think giving back should be easy. That’s why we’ve made volunteering with us as convenient as possible. We let you set your own schedule, choose which topics you want to coach, and respond to as many or as few help requests as you like.


2. We value your time as much as you do. Because all the coaching happens online, you won’t waste any time traveling. You can help students from the comfort of your couch! Additionally, we’ll send you a notification when a student needs your help. That means no wasted hours waiting for students - just go about your daily life!


3. Our students are really, really grateful. As an Academic Coach for UPchieve, you’ll be providing critical support at a time when students have no where else to turn - and they really, really appreciate it! We’ll give you metrics and feedback from the students you help so you can track all the good work you are doing.


Who can be an Academic Coach?

Just about anyone! If you’re a current college student or college grad, chances are you can help students with at least one topic on our platform. At this time, however, we can only accept applicants from outside the EU.

To be an active coach on our platform, you just need to get certified in one topic! So if you’re good at algebra but not so much with calculus - no worries! You’ll still be able to help a lot of students.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out this form, and someone from our team will reach out and schedule a call with you! Later in the process, you will also have to provide proof of your identity and two references for us to contact.

List of help topics +

  • Math
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Pre-Calc
    • Calculus
  • College Counseling
    • Making a plan
    • Application questions
    • Essay questions
  • Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • ESL
  • SAT

I'm still confused. How does this all work? +

  1. Sign up! Once you've completed our onboarding process, you'll get access to our app.
  2. In the app, set your schedule and pass at least one certification quiz.
  3. The next time a student requests help in a topic that you're certified in and at a time that you're available, we'll send you a text notification. If you're free, you can log in and select them!
  4. Once you select a student, you'll be able to help them with their question(s) via the virtual chat and whiteboard.

Have more questions? Email volunteer@upchieve.org.

Other ways to help

Want to help advance our mission in some other way? We are also looking for:

Volunteer Staff Members

For anyone (from college students to experienced professionals) looking to get more involved with UPchieve.

Associate Board Members

For young professionals looking to leverage their professional skills and network.

Advisory Council Members

For experienced professionals with expertise in STEM / K12 education, college admissions, educational technologies, nonprofit management, and more.