Meet UPchieve

UPchieve is an ed-tech nonprofit that helps underserved high school students get to college through our web and mobile apps. We believe getting help when you need it should be simple for all students - not just those with educated, financially stable, and supportive parents. That is why we offer free, online, and on-demand tutoring and college counseling to all public high school students in the U.S.


The Problem in Higher Education

The world of higher education is lacking. On college campuses across the country, people of color, students from working class families, first generation college students, and other minorities are grossly underrepresented. Much of this issue stems from unequal access to vital educational resources.

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In high school, students from more privileged families often have extensive resources such as tutoring, SAT prep, and college application advising at their disposal. In comparison, students from disadvantaged families are more likely to attend a poorly funded school and often do not have access to the late-night tutoring or adequate SAT prep and college counseling services.

Finally, existing education nonprofits typically offer their services during after-school hours, which makes them inaccessible for many of the students who need help the most, such as students who work part-time jobs or have to look after their siblings.

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Our Solution

At UPchieve, we believe that every student deserves the resources they need to succeed. We also believe that assistance needs to be provided on-demand; students shouldn't have to wait hours to get help or be forced to give up altogether because they couldn't start their homework until late at night. In order to help solve these issues, we:

Develop technology that makes it easier than ever to connect students and volunteers. Our web and mobile apps enable students to request a volunteer with the click of a button and be connected in minutes. Additionally, volunteers are able to sign up without committing to a fixed schedule - instead, they simply agree to receive notifications when a student needs help.

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Recruit and train volunteers to ensure that students have access to high-quality help at all hours of the day. Our educational materials help volunteers review topics, and our certification quizzes test volunteers’ knowledge to make sure they are ready to start working with students. We are constantly working to add additional topics, such as science, standardized testing, and ESL, to our offerings.

Motivate students to get the help they need to succeed. Our web and mobile app are designed to be fun and easy to use so that there are no excuses to log on and get homework help, exam prep, or college application assistance. Additionally, we are working to “gamify” our app by letting students who use the service frequently “level up” and earn rewards such as new profile pics and free college gear.

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