Meet UPchieve

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UPchieve is a nonprofit that connects low-income students with live tutors any time they need it. We believe getting help when you need it should be simple for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

By giving students 24/7 access to high-quality academic support, UPchieve improves students’ grades and academic motivation. Our ultimate goal is to help more low-income students 1) get to college, and 2) succeed once they’re there.

How it works

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Students use our free, online platform to request a tutor in a specific subject (e.g., Algebra or Calculus). We then pair the student with an available tutor who is certified in that subject, usually within 5 minutes. The student and volunteer collaborate together in a virtual classroom with a text-based chat and whiteboard.

We can help students with late-night homework questions (e.g., checking answers or walking through a complicated problem), open-ended concept review, or advice on longer-term test prep strategies. 

UPchieve also recruits, vets, trains, and certifies the tutors on our platform. We use training materials and certification quizzes aligned with Common Core standards to ensure every student using UPchieve receives high-quality support. We’re able to secure enough volunteers thanks to the highly flexible nature of our volunteer opportunity: our volunteers choose which topics to get certified in, set their own schedules, and receive text notifications when a student requests help.