Join the UPchieve Team!

Thanks for your interest in joining our team! UPchieve hopes to revolutionize the way students get help and the way people volunteer, but we can't do this without dedicated and compassionate people like yourselves serving on our staff and working with our students. We offer Academic Coach positions and staff positions, both of which are unpaid volunteer opportunities. Each comes with different advantages:

Academic Coach Positions

  • Lower time commitment (minimum 1 hr/wk)
  • High flexibility in your schedule 
  • Work hands-on with students, helping them in the academic topics of your choice*

Staff Positions

  • Deeper involvement in UPchieve's growth
  • Develop valuable professional skills
  • Work behind the scenes to ensure we're able to help as many students as possible

The following information applies to all of our positions:

  • All positions are unpaidvirtual (they can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection, though preference will be given to candidates in the U.S.), and for immediate hire

  • Everyone is welcome to apply - from passionate undergrads to experienced professionals.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

We look forward to reading your application!

- Melanie, Director of Human Resources

Academic Coaches

Whether you're great at math, love to write, or simply want to help students get into the college of their dreams, working as an Academic Coach with UPchieve will allow you to use your knowledge and experience to help a student in need. Because the hours are flexible, volunteering with UPchieve is convenient and allows you to give back whenever you have free time.

How to apply: Please fill out our application form.

How it works +

  • After submitting your application, you'll complete a brief call with our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about the opportunity.
  • If you pass the screening process, you will receive a code to sign up on our app.
  • You'll select your "typical" availability in the app and pass certification quizzes in the topics that you'd like to help students with (we even provide you with review materials before you take the quiz!)
  • When a student needs help with a topic that you're certified in and at a time that you're typically available, you'll receive a text notification to log in and help them.
  • If you are no longer free at that time, it's okay! Simply text back and the system will reach out to another volunteer.

Requirements +

In order to be considered an active volunteer at UPchieve, you must:

  • Pass a screening process that includes: providing proof of identity and proof of educational background, providing two references, and consenting to a background check
  • Pass at least one help topic certificiation quiz
  • Select at least one hour of typical availability

Offered Help Topics +

Volunteers may become certified in any of the below help topics:

  • Math
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Pre-Calc
    • Calculus
  • College Counseling
    • Making a plan
    • Application questions
    • Essay questions
  • Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • ESL
  • SAT

Staff Positions

Volunteering with UPchieve as a staff member will provide you with the unique opportunity to help significantly shape and expand our educational support services - services that make a huge difference in students' lives. You'll also get to work with a fun team of like-minded individuals and develop valuable skills in the area of your interest. The time commitment for all positions is 5-10 hours / week

How to apply: Please email your resume and the position(s) you want to apply for to

Director positions

Senior Director of Communications +

Description: UPchieve is looking for an experienced designer, marketer, or communicator to head our efforts to establish a strong and motivational brand. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring that our first impression is always as good as possible, regardless of the means of communication or the external party we are dealing with. Be prepared to manage every aspect of our image, from our website and marketing materials to our outreach efforts.


  • Oversee the Marketing, Partnerships, and Creative Design departments of the organization
  • Ensure that UPchieve communicates effectively with all external parties, whether passively through our written and visual content, or actively through our outreach efforts
  • Work to develop and maintain a consistent brand/image through all that we do, with a focus on improving “first impressions” obtained via our website, social media platforms, marketing materials, or initial outreach emails
  • Collaborate with all other areas of the organization, with a focus on Human Resources and Philanthropy, to assist UPchieve in achieving a wide variety of goals (such as recruitment, fundraising, etc.)
  • Help the Executive Director with other special projects


  • Excellent leadership, management, and people skills
  • Creative, good eye for design, and strong writing skills
  • 2+ years working experience in a related field, such as a communications, marketing, design, or external relations
  • (Bonus) Leadership experience in communications, marketing, design, or external relations

Senior Director of Programs +

Description: UPchieve is looking for an experienced product or program manager with a passion for education and technology. In this role, you will take charge of turning UPchieve’s vision into reality through creative and strategic problem solving. Help us continue to innovate and improve our services in order to ensure that we provide the best educational support possible to students.


  • Oversee the Tutoring, College Counseling, and Technology departments of the organization
  • Ensure that UPchieve fulfills our mission of helping underserved high school students succeed and closing the achievement gap
  • Seek out ways to innovate and develop solutions which are robust and scalable
  • Improve the services we offer to students, with a focus on 1) making our apps more enjoyable for both students and volunteers to use, and 2) making the assistance we provide more effective in a wider range of scenarios
  • Help the Executive Director with other special projects


  • Excellent leadership, management, and people skills
  • Creative, strategic, empathetic, and curious
  • Strong problem solving skills and a desire to innovate
  • Interested in and knowledgeable about technology and education
  • 2+ years working experience in a related field, such as product development or educational program development
  • (Bonus) Leadership experience in product development or educational program development

Director of Creative Design +

Description: We're looking for a creative and artistically-inclined individual to join our team as our new Director of Creative Design. In this role, you will work to ensure that all of BelieveAchieve's creative and visual content is in line with its vision, goals and voice. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has a passion for design, illustration and social change.


  • Design graphics, presentation slide decks, and promotional materials (infographics, brochures, flyers, Facebook cover photos, etc.) as needed
  • Work with Director of Technology to design a visually appealing website
  • Find and/or contribute photos to be used on website, promotional materials, and social media
  • Ensure that all of BelieveAchieve’s creative and visual content is in line with its vision, goals, and voice


  • Graphic design experience, with preference given to experience developing promotional materials
  • Bonus(es): web and/or software design experience, access to graphic design software

Associate positions

Mobile Developer +

Description: To reach more students, we’re crafting a mobile version of the UPchieve app! As a mobile developer you will help shape this next generation mobile learning platform, writing code to impact the way students and tutors engage and collaborate with each other in real-time, providing tools to help close the achievement gap that persists in schools across the country. Seasoned developers and student coders alike are encouraged to apply.


  • Work within an agile team to build and refine features of the UPchieve app.
  • Help build mobile app features like whiteboarding, volunteer notifications, and more.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript and general computer science: being able to think programmatically and troubleshoot code logically.
  • Exposure to mobile framework technologies such as Framework 7, Cordova, or PhoneGap.
  • Motivated to learn and use cutting edge technologies and tools.
  • Ability to reliably contribute and coordinate among other developers.
  • Experience or interest in contributing to open source software. Code examples on Github a plus!

Staff Coordinator +


  • Brainstorming and executing engagement strategies, including organizing in-person meet-ups, virtual hangouts, etc.
  • Develop and implement programs to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our volunteers and staff members
  • Keep track of engagement levels of the staff and follow up with members who seem to be lacking in engagement
  • Help the Director of HR with other special projects


  • Strong interpersonal skills and desire to work with volunteers
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to keep track of a large number of volunteers
  • (Bonus) Volunteer coordinator or human resource experience

Volunteer Coordinator +


  • Serve as the primary point of contact for volunteers after recruitment, helping resolve any of their day-to-day issues or concerns
  • Review parts of the onboarding process such as contacting personal references and verifying document uploads.
  • Keep volunteers updated on our organization’s progress and aware of changes being made to our software and/or model
  • Work with Engagement Manager to implement programs designed to retain volunteers


  • Strong interpersonal skills and desire to work with volunteers
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to keep track of a large number of volunteers
  • (Bonus) Volunteer coordinator or human resource experience

Fundraising Manager +

Description: UPchieve is looking for a personable, creative, and organized fundraising manager to help us with our fundraising efforts. Obtaining the financial support of the communities we operate in is essential for UPchieve’s success, and your creative planning and execution of fundraising strategies will help us do just that!


  • Brainstorm and execute fundraising campaigns, including through crowdfunding platforms, social media, and in-person or virtual events
  • Identify and solicit donations from major and minor gift prospects such as philanthropists and high net worth individuals
  • Track and record all interactions with potential donors; compile reports on the progress of our fundraising campaigns and solicitation efforts
  • Work with other Philanthropy staff to complete special projects


  • Motivated self-starter with excellent organizational skills in order to manage projects under deadlines
  • Outstanding grammar and research skills
  • (Bonus) Prior fundraising experience in the nonprofit sector

College Counseling Associate +

Description: Do you remember when you first applied to college? Was it confusing? Did you receive any help? How did it pan out? As a College Counseling Associate, you will play a key role in assisting the Director of College Counseling with researching trends, working on projects, guiding the Academic Coaches, and coming up with innovative ways to help students through the college process.


  • Research topics such as college admissions trends, different colleges, and more
  • Work on projects to help improve UPchieve services
  • Answer students’ questions when Academic Coaches are not available
  • Help students prepare to apply to the college of their dreams


  • Familiarity with the Office Suite and/or Google Drive Suite
  • Passion for helping students get ready for college
  • Strong writing skills
  • (Bonus) Knowledge of the college application process and/or FAFSA

Donor Relations Manager +

Description: UPchieve is looking for a friendly and warm relationship manager to engage with our prior donors and provide them with ongoing support. If you like talking to and helping other people, this is the perfect role! Your people skills and organizational skills will help us secure recurring donations and make sure we never “lose” a donor.


  • Engage with donors of all kinds and foster ongoing relationships with them
  • Maintain a donor database, tracking all communications with prior donors and following up periodically
  • Draft progress reports and acknowledgement letters for individual donors, grantors, and foundations
  • Work with other Philanthropy staff to complete special projects


  • Motivated self-starter with excellent organizational skills in order to manage projects under deadlines
  • Outstanding grammar and research skills
  • (Bonus) Prior donor relations/stewardship experience in the nonprofit sector

Partnerships Associate +


  • Research and explore new potential partnership opportunities for UPchieve
  • Assist and facilitate ongoing UPchieve partnerships including outreach, data collection and reporting


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong, persuasive, and compelling interpersonal skills
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple diverse stakeholders across the organization

Visual Content Creator +

Description: Are you a designer who wants to apply your skills to the real world? Help create compelling visual content to bolster UPchieve’s digital presence! Utilizing creativity and digital strategy, you will provide content for users to view and engage with across all platforms.


  • Create on-brand visual content (i.e. graphics, photography, videos, etc.) for use on UPchieve’s social platforms
  • Work with both the design team and the marketing team to strategize new ways to engage users visually
  • Contribute to joint projects with other teams such as human resources, philanthropy, or partnerships in order to recruit volunteers, thank donors, or attract new partners.


  • A shareable portfolio of your previous creative work
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite or other design softwares
  • (Bonus) Experience creating visual content for brands

Editor +

Description: Do you have a keen eye for detail? Are you a grammar guru who doesn’t let one mistake go unnoticed? If so - the Editor position at UPchieve is the perfect fit for you!


  • Proofreading/editing deliverables before they are sent out to partners and/or the general public
  • Ensure all messaging fits brand standards and looks cohesive
  • Work with the marketing team, partnerships team, philanthropy team, and more to ensure all UPchieve content is well presented


  • Strong English proficiency
  • Excellent proofreading/grammar skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office

Blogger +


  • Brainstorm topics and write bi-weekly blog posts for publication on UPchieve blog.
  • Curate corresponding visual content for blog posts as needed
  • Work with our Director of Marketing to promote blog posts
  • Regularly update and monitor UPchieve’s blog, responding to individual comments as necessary


  • Excellent writing skills with writing samples to share
  • Creative, with exciting ideas for future UPchieve blog posts
  • (Bonus) Prior experience writing for a blog or publication

Grant Writer +


  • Prepare first drafts of grant proposals and grant applications
  • Research, identify, and apply for public and private grant opportunities that are applicable to UPchieve
  • Maintain up-to-date records of past, current, and future grant applications in Excel
  • Assist with other fundraising projects as requested


  • Outstanding grammar and research skills; ability to write clear, structured, articulate, and persuasive proposals
  • Excellent organizational skills in order to manage several projects under tight deadlines
  • (Bonus) Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, or a related field

Graphic Designer +

Responsibilites: Take on a wide array of projects based off your interests and abilities and UPchieve’s needs. Sample projects include creation of:

  • illustrations for our website, app, or annual report
  • explanatory infographics or videos on UPchieve’s services or the social issue that we are tackling
  • UI/UX diagrams and wireframes for our web and mobile apps
  • other visual content (such as photography) for our social media accounts, blog posts, emails, etc.
  • branding/design of physical items, such as thank-you gifts or cards for donors


  • A shareable portfolio of your previous creative work (of any type)
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, or other design softwares
  • Ability to work with other designers and use existing brand guidelines to create on-brand materials
  • (Bonus) Experience creating visual content for brands