Let’s work together to give every low-income student access to live academic support

Student enrollment partners

At UPchieve, we strongly believe that online and late-night help is just one part of the package necessary for students to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to complement existing programs that provide after-school and in-person assistance so that students have access to support at all times. Our typical student enrollment partners include schools and nonprofits.

Setting up a partnership is easy and comes with tremendous benefits for both the partner and its students:

  • Students gain access to our free, 24/7 platform for online tutoring and college counseling.

  • Partners receive usage data including hours, topics, and other information to see how their students interact with the app

Volunteer enrollment partners

Volunteers are essential to fulfilling our mission of connecting low-income students with live support any time they need it. We’ve built a volunteer experience that is:

  • Highly flexible (works with any schedule)

  • Low time commitment (volunteers can skip weeks and volunteer as much or as little as they want)

  • High impact (we track data on student outcomes and collect thank you notes from students too!)

Our typical volunteer enrollment partners include corporations, service organizations, and academic-affiliated groups (like math clubs).

Formally partnering with us has these benefits:

  • Employees can skip several steps in our sign-up process, allowing them to get started helping students even faster

  • Employees get access to special info sessions on UPchieve

  • Partners get reports from us on volunteer hours completed, impact on students served, and more.

Contact us

For partnership inquiries, please email us at partnerships@upchieve.org.