UPchieve Student Ambassador Program

Thanks for your interest in getting more involved! Our Student Ambassador Program provides volunteer leadership opportunities to currently enrolled students on our platform. Our ambassadors work closely with our Student Coordinator to support UPchieve operations and promote UPchieve positively in their communities.

If you’re interested, please fill out the application form here.

Responsibilities +

  • Assist in content creation for UPchieve marketing (i.e. writing blogs, posting on social media, etc.)
  • Generate brand awareness by sharing the UPchieve app by word-of-mouth to their peers
  • Provide feedback on help topic offerings and test new technology features within UPchieve
  • Work closely with the Student Coordinator to contribute at least four hours each month (as needed) to UPchieve’s marketing efforts

Benefits +

  • Gain experience in marketing and improve communication skills
  • Work with a start-up nonprofit organization from the ground up to enhance technology and education offerings
  • Become an opinion leader in his/her community and can include this impressive experience on their resume
  • Have their photos featured on UPchieve’s website

Requirements +

  • Must be a current high school student
  • Must be at least 13 years old
  • Must sign up and actively use our mobile and web apps by requesting help at least one time every two weeks