UPchieve Stands Out at the ISTE Conference and Expo

Last month, EdWeek Market Brief covered the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2019 Conference and Expo, where a panel of school district leaders singled out UPchieve as a promising force for equity in education!

About ISTE

ISTE has been a world leader in ed-tech for four decades. Alongside its conference, ISTE:

  • Maintains the National Educational Technology Standards for the use of ed-tech

  • Publishes books and peer-reviewed journals on ed-tech

  • Advocates for education equality through ed-tech

  • Awards the ISTE Certification for Educators to recognize educators who “use ed-tech for learning effectively”

The ISTE Conference and Expo is recognized as the most comprehensive educational technology conference in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of educators attend to exchange ideas and recognize new innovations.

UPchieve took part this year thanks to the AT&T Aspire accelerator, which sponsored our trip and exhibition at the Expo Hall. We had the amazing opportunity to spend three days talking about UPchieve with educators and school district leaders from all over the world!


Aly and Mark at ISTE 2019!


UPchieve is honored as an equity solution

This year’s conference hosted 550 companies. From these 550 companies, EdWeek asked a panel of five school district leaders to choose the top 20 that impressed them the most. Alongside established technologies like SMART Technologies’ SMART Board and Curriculum Associates’ iReady, the panelists honored UPchieve’s online tutoring platform!

Panelist Ryan Deising singled out UPchieve for its potential to create equity in education. Mr. Deising said that both his district and the ISTE are “really focused on digital equity,” and anticipated that “[UPchieve] looks promising for our high school students.”

Mr. Deising led his district to win the 2019 ISTE Distinguished District award, given to districts for using ed-tech that provides “equitable, accessible and appropriate learning opportunities for all students.”

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Thanks EdWeek!